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Senate Parliamentarian Upends GOP Hopes For Health Bill

The parliamentarian finds that provisions of the bill cannot go forward with a simple majority vote.

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Podcast: What The Health? Senate Health Bill, Mostly Dead?

Even experienced health care reporters in Washington, D.C., can't say for sure. Meanwhile, states like California, heavily invested in Obamacare, wrestle with uncertainty.

Latinos Left Out Of Clinical Trials ... And Possible Cures

Fewer than 8 percent of enrollees in medical studies are Hispanic. Those who don't participate have less access to cutting-edge treatments, and researchers have less data on how a drug works within the Hispanic population.

Trump Plan Might Cut Expenses For Some Insured Patients With Chronic Needs

High-deductible health insurance plans linked to a health savings account cannot cover some care and drug expenses for chronic health conditions until the patient has met a deductible.

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Cruz Plan Gets Thumbs Up From HHS But Thumbs Down From Most Everyone Else

During another day of fast-moving developments, Senate Republicans signaled their intent to attempt to bring an updated repeal-and-delay bill to the floor for a vote next week.

Navigating Aging

These Preventive Measures Might Help Delay Dementia Or Cognitive Decline

Recent research shows that controlling blood pressure, exercising and cognitive training around middle age could help prevent cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease.

Repeal & Replace Watch

Obamacare Exchanges In Limbo

The failure this week of the U.S. Senate’s ACA repeal effort was one more twist in the ongoing political drama that has complicated routine rate setting for insurers and state officials.

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Picture of Health

Hepatitis C’s Hold On California

California had 33,748 newly reported cases of chronic hepatitis C in 2015, the most among states that published their surveillance data on the disease.The rate of new Hepatitis C cases per 100,000 residents rose sharply from 2013 to 2014 and edged up again in 2015.

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