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Proposed Budget Cuts Could Affect 12,000 Caregivers Statewide

Funding cuts proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to California's 11 caregiver resource centers could affect nearly 12,000 caregivers, HealthyCal reports.

The centers offer counseling and support services to caregivers who support family members with various mental and physical disabilities.

Funding Details

Brown's proposed budget seeks to cut all state funding for the centers in order to save $2.9 million.

Currently, the state provides two-thirds of the centers' funding.

If the state eliminated funding to the centers, the facilities also would lose more than $10 million in federal matching funds offered under the Older Americans Act, which supports various senior programs.

Possible Consequences

John Beleutz -- executive director of Health Project Centers, which oversees the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center -- said the cuts could have a significant effect on caregivers.

He noted that state funds for the centers are used to leverage private donations and grants, in addition to the federal matching funds.

Beleutz said that the centers experienced a 72% funding cut a few years ago and that the elimination of all state funding could force some centers to close permanently or significantly reduce services.

He also said the cuts could prompt more caregivers to move their family members into nursing homes (Flores, HealthyCal, 3/12).

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