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Nurses Association Fires Back At Assembly Speaker Following Single-Payer Criticism

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon originally stoked the California Nurses Association’s ire when he shelved single-payer legislation over the summer. When asked two weeks ago if he was going to reconsider it, he responded that the sponsors had don’t nothing but sit on their hands for the past few months. In a tweet, executive director RoseAnn DeMoro blasted “corporate Democrat” Rendon for “pushing alternative facts.”

U.S. Health System To Be Further Strained As Undocumented, Uninsured Immigrants Age

Few undocumented residents are able to obtain help for chronic aging issues before their problems become bad enough to send them to the ER, where they are guaranteed emergency care. The financial burden of treating an aging, uninsured population in the coming years will put stress on a system that is already struggling with high costs.