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Democrats Take The House While GOP Builds On Senate Majority. What’s Next?

Medicare, Medicaid, preexisting conditions, high prescription drug costs: These buzz words are not likely to go away once the election-day dust settles. But what are the chances that the two chambers can find a common path forward. News outlets examine whether anything can get done in the wake of this split decision.

Fla. Authorities Shut Down ‘Deceptive’ Health Plan

The health insurer allegedly used aggressive tactics to sell sham plans — one of which was named TrumpCare — that skirt the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, leaving people around the country with skimpier coverage than they expected and liable for unpaid medical bills. Also, more national news on Medicare Part B premiums and FDA’s approval of a new opioid.

App That Makes Drug Savings Recommendations Adopted By Influential Employer Group

A coalition of 40 large employers, including IBM, Verizon and American Express, will use an online tool from startup Rx Savings Solutions to help employees get better deals on prescriptions. Other pharmaceutical industry developments are reported out of Teva, Pfizer, Merck and McKesson. And in insurance news, Cigna reports strong third-quarter profits and boosts its 2018 forecast.

California Makes Gains Insuring More Racial, Ethnic Groups Over Past Five Years

Analysts credit the improved coverage rates to the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Latinos are the only group that still shows a significant disparity to other ethnic groups. And, now that the health law marketplaces are open for business, news outlets detail what’s different this year and offer consumers advice.