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Getting Creative During Shutdown: FDA Could Keep Reviewing Drugs If Agency Argues It’s Essential To Saving Lives

During a government shutdown, agencies that don’t have federal funding can only do work that’s necessary to protect lives or property. Experts suggest that even if the FDA’s reserves run dry, the agency can continue to review drugs because certain medical treatments are necessary to people’s health. In other shutdown news: food insecurity, wildfires, and a possible light at the end of the tunnel.

House Dems Open Investigation Into Pharma’s Drug Pricing Strategies, Calling The Probe One Of The Broadest In Decades

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings sent letters to drugmakers requesting detailed information about their pricing practices, focusing on drugs that are the costliest to Medicare Part D as well as drugs that have had the largest increases over a five-year period. The move is just the latest in a flurry of legislation and congressional action taken on the topic of high drug prices this year.

2020 Contenders In Something Of An Arms Race To Take On ‘Big Pharma’ And Drug Prices

Drug pricing is a hot topic that voters care deeply about, and many of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls want to get ahead of their competitors with splashy bills taking on the pharmaceutical industry. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is just the latest to announce legislation that would tackle the high prices, which would include a measure pegging U.S. prescription drug prices to the median price from five countries where drug costs are typically far lower.