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Some Experts Warn Against Eating High-Risk Foods During Shutdown, But Others Say Safety Doesn’t Hinge Completely On FDA

“The FDA made it really clear that the responsibility for food safety lies with the companies,” said Catherine Donnelly, a professor at the University of Vermont. “They just have responsibility for oversight and determining whether there are violations.” But other experts say that especially pregnant women or children with an immune deficiency might want to avoid taking any risks.

Documents Reveal Just How Involved Sackler Family Was In Aggressive OxyContin Marketing Techniques

Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has drawn blame for its role in igniting the opioid crisis in the country. Now new documents show how the family that owns the company was involved with the decisions to aggressively push opioids on to patients in the years leading up to the epidemic, even though Purdue seeks to portray the family members as removed from day-to-day operations.