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San Diego County Jail Slashes Opioid Prescription Rates

The jail has seen a 98 percent drop from the beginning of 2013, when nearly 1,000 inmates were prescribed more than 77,000 narcotic painkiller pills. But officials also say they’re seeing an uptick in attempts to smuggle heroin in to prisoners.

Bernie Sanders Wants To Impose Prison Sentences On Pharma Executives Who Play Role In Opioid Crisis

The proposed legislation from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would also prohibit companies from direct marketing of opioid products without adequate warning of their addictive properties and establish a reimbursement fund that would collect revenues from the penalties imposed. Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issues a proposed change for the DEA regarding distribution quotas, and Patrick Kennedy stands to profit from his advocacy for more spending on the opioid epidemic.