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FDA To Focus On Drug Review Process As Shutdown Forces Agency To Make Tough Prioritization Decisions

Drugs to treat epilepsy, triple-negative breast cancer and spinal muscular atrophy are just a few of the medications slated for review over the next several months. But there’s only so much time that FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb can buy with dwindling funds. Meanwhile, a furloughed worker who had to start rationing her insulin puts a face to the troubles thousands of people are facing as the shutdown drags on.

California Governor Proposes Increases For Health Spending, Spotlights Homelessness Crisis In Budget That Is ‘Reflection Of Our Values’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared his $209 billion state budget proposal, of which health care accounts for nearly 30 percent, “a reflection of our values.” The governor projects a massive $21.5 billion surplus as growth slows for Medi-Cal. Now he must negotiate with the legislature on a final budget by June 15 — so some of these proposals are certain to change or be eliminated.