Evictions Continue Despite CDC Moratorium As COVID-19 Ravages U.S. Economy

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Covid’s Long Shadow

Black and Hispanic Americans Suffer Most in Biggest US Decline in Life Expectancy Since WWII

The pandemic will undermine Americans' health for years. Even those not infected by the coronavirus could suffer health problems related to poverty, job loss, eviction — or all of the above.


KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: How to Expand Health Coverage

Democrats in Congress and the states are devising strategies to expand health coverage — through the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid and a “public option.” But progress remains halting, at best. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Washington may have to agree on how to control prescription drug prices if they wish to finance their coverage initiatives. Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, Tami Luhby of CNN and Shefali Luthra of The 19th join KHN’s Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more. Also, Rovner interviews Michelle Andrews, who reported and wrote last month’s KHN-NPR “Bill of the Month” episode about a very expensive sleep study.

Biden Quietly Transforms Medicaid Safety Net

In a sharp shift from Trump-era policies, President Joe Biden looks at expanding Medicaid eligibility to new mothers, inmates and undocumented immigrants and adding services such as food and housing.

Navigating Aging

Calming Computer Jitters: Help for Seniors Who Aren’t Tech-Savvy

Millions of older adults want to be comfortable going online and using digital tools to enhance their lives. But many need help. A number of groups around the country offer assistance.


Thousands of Young Children Lost Parents to Covid. Where’s Help for Them?

More than 46,000 children in the U.S. have lost a parent to covid-19. Families say finding even basic grief counseling has been difficult and there’s been no coordinated effort to help these children access services or benefits.


At Texas Border, Pandemic’s High Toll Lays Bare Gaps in Health and Insurance

In Texas’ border communities, which are overwhelmingly Hispanic, covid-19 death rates for people under age 65 were double those in the rest of the state and three times the national average. They were also significantly higher than rates in New Mexico border areas.

Hemmed In at Home, Nonprofit Hospitals Look for Profits Abroad

About three dozen elite health systems are involved in for-profit hospital projects overseas. Though the systems are exempt from U.S. taxes for providing “community benefit,” there’s limited evidence that such business ventures benefit American patients.

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Special Coverage

Postcard From Tijuana

‘It’s a Mission’

Volunteers treat refugees massing at the border.

Lawmakers Pressure Newsom to ‘Step Up’ on Racism as a Public Health Issue

California Democratic lawmakers are asking Gov. Gavin Newsom to approve $100 million per year to fund programs that address health inequality and structural racism.


Read our latest coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Look Up Your California Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?


Collecting FEMA Funeral Money Takes Some Tenacity — And Help

A federal program to help with the funeral expenses for people who died of covid is a challenge for grieving family members who aren’t fluent in English or the ways of a bureaucracy.


Illuminating the newsmakers and behind-the-scenes players who shape health care in California.

Newsom Wants to Spend Millions on the Health of Low-Income Mothers and Their Babies


Behind the Byline

Finding a ‘superstar’ to interview.

In a Murky Sea of Mental Health Apps, Consumers Left Adrift

Venture capitalists have poured billions into the digital mental health space, sensing an area of unmet demand that is ripe for disruption. The problem for consumers is separating the apps that might help from those that offer little more than distraction — or could actually do harm.

Picture of Health

Homicides Surge in California Amid Covid Shutdowns of Schools, Youth Programs

California endured a brutal spike in homicides in 2020 across large swaths of the state, registering the largest year-over-year increase in victims in three decades. Experts cite as one significant factor a rise in gang violence fueled by pandemic shutdowns of schools, sports leagues and programs for at-risk youth.

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