Emma Marie Chiang for California Healthline

States Push For Caregiver Tax Credits

Families often spend thousands of dollars caring for ailing loved ones at home. Lawmakers in California and at least seven other states want to provide some financial relief with state income tax credits.

Aspiring Doctors Seek Advanced Training In Addiction Medicine

Once a tiny specialty that drew mostly psychiatrists, addiction medicine is expanding its accredited training to include primary care residents and "social justice warriors" who see it as a calling.

State Laws Ban Surprise Medical Bills. She Got One for $227K And Fought Back.

No one told a Washington state woman she was racking up massive out-of-pocket charges during a month-long emergency stay in an Oregon hospital. For six months, she and her husband were haunted by looming debt — and bill collectors.

Postcard from Sacramento

Crowd At Capitol Demands Immigrant Health Coverage

Immigrants rallied at the state Capitol on Wednesday, calling for lawmakers to support a proposal to expand full Medicaid benefits to adult immigrants who are in the country illegally. Opponents cited potentially exorbitant costs.

Botched Operation

FDA Chief Calls For Stricter Scrutiny Of Electronic Health Records

In an interview, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb reacts to a KHN/Fortune investigation of the drawbacks and risks of electronic health records.

Must-Reads Of The Week (Some Flying Below The Radar)

Executive editor Damon Darlin takes a spin as host of “The Friday Breeze,” whirling through a week of health care news so you don’t have to.

Costly Confusion: Medicare’s Wellness Visit Isn’t The Same As An Annual Physical

Medicare doesn’t pay for an annual physical, but it does cover an annual wellness visit focused on preventing disease and disability by coming up with a “personalized prevention plan” for future medical issues. It is important to use the correct term when scheduling a doctor’s visit.

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Special Coverage

‘Medieval’ Diseases Flare As Unsanitary Living Conditions Proliferate

Outbreaks of infectious diseases such as typhus and hepatitis A are resurging in California and around the country, particularly among homeless populations. Public health officials warn that such diseases could spread broadly.

Look Up Your California Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?

Students With Addictions Immersed In The Sober Life At ‘Recovery’ High Schools


Two Crises In One

As drug use rises, so does syphilis.

What ‘Dope Sick’ Really Feels Like

Just as each person’s journey into addiction is unique, different approaches work for people trying to find their way out. For me, detoxing was nightmarish. And a long-held dream come true.

Tainted Drugs

When Medicine Makes Patients Sicker

A review of thousands of FDA documents reveals how drugs that are poorly manufactured or contaminated can reach consumers.

Rehabilitation Plus Rehab?

Jails dispense drugs to treat inmates’ addictions.

Students With Disabilities Call College Admissions Cheating ‘Big Slap In The Face’


Workers Overdose On The Job, And Employers Struggle To Respond

Despite the growing epidemic of Americans misusing opioids and overdosing on the job, many employers turn a blind eye to addiction within their workforce — ill-equipped or unwilling to confront an issue they are at a loss to handle.

Picture of Health

California’s Momentum on Measles Vaccinations Stalled

After rising sharply over three years, the percentage of kindergarten students at schools with vaccination rates of 95 percent and above — the level considered optimal for preventing outbreaks — stopped rising.

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