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Postcard From Chico

Paradise Lost: Wildfire Chases Seniors From Retirement Havens To Field Hospitals

Having fled quickly — often without medications, wheelchairs or pets to comfort them — refugees from the Camp Fire manage as best they can in makeshift shelters miles from home. A virus is spreading, and medical attention is spotty.

Buyers Of Short-Term Health Plans: Wise Or Shortsighted?

Policyholders reason that their health is good — for now — and they don’t see the need for costly comprehensive coverage. Detractors say the plans undermine the Affordable Care Act, and agents advise reading the fine print. “You basically have to be in perfect health,” says one.

Playing On Fear And Fun, Hospitals Follow Pharma In Direct-To-Consumer Advertising

Hospitals are increasingly advertising medical services directly to patients to enhance their national brands. They think the image building improves their ability to negotiate with health plans and brings in wealthier patients.

Gun Control Vs. Mental Health Care: Debate After Mass Shootings Obscures Murky Reality

More than half of mass shooters have serious mental health disorders, experts say, but the vast majority of mentally ill people are not violent. Some clinicians suggest strategic interventions, including closing loopholes in background checks to buy firearms and allowing family members to confiscate guns under temporary court orders for relatives at risk of doing harm.

Women Applaud Michelle Obama’s Decision To Share Her Trauma Of Miscarriage

The attention may help women understand that miscarriage is common but still not easily talked about.

For Wildfire Safety, Only Particular Masks Guard Against Toxic Particulate Matter

As wildfires blaze in Northern and Southern California, millions of people outside of the burn zones are getting exposed to dangerous wildfire smoke. For those donning face masks for protection, only a specific mask will work.

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