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New Hospital Leader Fights Price Controls Despite Reputation As A Reformer

Carmela Coyle was known as an innovator when she led Maryland’s hospital association and supported a groundbreaking program that capped hospital revenue. But less than a year into her new job representing California’s hospitals in Sacramento, Coyle has already helped kill a proposal to regulate pricing.

Unwieldy Health Costs Often Stand Between Teachers And Fatter Paychecks

Cash-strapped school boards, cities and legislatures scrounge to cover pay raises and pricey benefits and turn to teachers to fork over more of their shrinking take-home pay.

Calif. Exchange Chief Sees No Rate Impact From Latest Trump Challenge To ACA

Peter Lee says the court challenge will take time and California will have a chance to pass its own protections in the interim. However, the decision by Congress to eliminate the tax penalty on people who choose not to buy insurance will weigh on 2019 premiums, Lee said. Recent projections by the exchange show an average 11 percent rate hike in 2019, along with a 12 percent drop in enrollment.

As Medicaid Costs Soar, States Try A New Approach

New programs, known as ACOs, reward hospitals and physician groups that hold down costs by keeping enrollees healthy. The health care providers are asked to address social issues — such as homelessness, lack of transportation and poor nutrition — that can cause and exacerbate health problems.

Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ California Here We Come

In this episode of KHN’s “What the Health?” Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News, Carrie Feibel of KQED San Francisco, Anna Maria Barry-Jester of and Joanne Kenen of Politico report from San Francisco on the complicated health politics of the Golden State and the latest news on a lawsuit challenging parts of the Affordable Care Act. Plus, for extra credit, the panelists offer their favorite health stories of the week.

With The Rise Of Legal Weed, Drug Education Moves From 'Don't' to 'Delay'

Today's drug prevention messaging is a far cry from the "Just Say No" days. Schools want to give kids the facts to make informed decisions about whether and when to try drugs or alcohol.

Navigating Aging

That ‘Living Will’ You Signed? At The ER, It Could Be Open To Interpretation.

End-of-life documents express your preferences for care but may not be binding medical orders. Here’s how to better prepare for the unexpected — that your last wishes won’t be carried out.

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