Heidi de Marco/California Healthline

In California, Doctors Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Often Get Second Chances

The state medical board grants probation in more than a third of cases, a California Healthline analysis found. Even as other institutions adapt to lessons of the #MeToo movement, the board plans no major changes, saying it has always prioritized discipline for sexual misconduct.

Feds Join Lawsuit Alleging Sutter Health Padded Revenue With False Patient Data

The whistleblower complaint says that Sutter, one of the largest health systems in the U.S., exaggerated how sick certain Medicare patients were in order to collect higher payments from the government-funded program.

In Grandma’s Stocking: An Apple Watch To Monitor Falls, Track Heart Rhythms

The new-generation gadget is designed to alert and protect wearers from falls and heart problems, expanding Apple’s target audience beyond the usual, tech-savvy, early adopters to those with older tickers.

Blue Shield’s Trims To Out-Of-State Coverage Give Some Californians The Blues

To keep costs down, Blue Shield of California next year will scale back on a program allowing members to receive a wide range of care beyond the state’s borders. Customers with individual plans mostly won’t be able to get coverage out of state except for emergencies or other exceptional circumstances.  

One Implant, Two Prices. It Depends On Who’s Paying.

Breast implants — used for both cancer and cosmetic surgeries — give a glimpse into how hospitals mark up prices of medical devices to increase their bottom lines.

As U.S. Suicides Rates Rise, Hispanics Show Relative Immunity

Support from family and community appear to shield Latinos from rising suicide rates, researchers say.

Open Enrollment

Need Health Insurance? The Deadline Is Dec. 15

Enrollment is lagging compared with last year’s pace. But experts say sign-ups tend to accelerate as the deadline nears, and many people will be automatically re-enrolled, so the final numbers could approach last year’s totals.

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