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Voters To Settle Dispute Over Ambulance Employee Break Times

Unlike most other workers, private-ambulance employees are frequently called away from their meals and rest breaks to respond to emergency calls, but there’s no law explicitly allowing that practice. Proposition 11 would change that, but some say its real purpose is to get California's largest ambulance company out of costly litigation.

States Leverage Federal Funds To Help Insurers Lower Premiums

Even as it chips away at Obamacare, the Trump administration is solidly behind state-based initiatives to cover high-cost patients, known as “reinsurance” programs. It approved two more last month.

Battle Lines Drawn As Abortion-Rights Activists Leave Their Mark Outside Clinics

Armed with poster board and catchy advertising slogans, abortion-rights activists in California and elsewhere are taking to sidewalks, buses and mobile phone apps to fight a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of crisis pregnancy centers.

‘No One Is Ever Really Ready': Aid-In-Dying Patient Chooses His Last Day

With its expansion to Hawaii this year, medical aid-in-dying is now approved in eight U.S. jurisdictions. Even when legal, the controversial practice of choosing to die after a terminal diagnosis is difficult, said one Seattle man who shared his final deliberations.

Once Its Greatest Foes, Some Doctors Now Embrace Single-Payer

Young physicians in California and beyond are pushing the medical establishment to rethink its long-held opposition. The political fallout could be substantial.

Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Newsletter editor Brianna Labuskes wades through hundreds of health articles from the week so you don’t have to.

Clinicians Who Learn Of A Patient’s Opioid Death Modestly Cut Back On Prescriptions

A study published Thursday shows that doctors, dentists and other medical providers cut overall opioid dosages by nearly 10 percent after receiving notification of a death from a medical examiner and information on safe prescribing.

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