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Dialysis Giant DaVita Defends Itself In Court And At The Polls

Although dialysis provider DaVita Inc. has taken major financial hits this year, including a $383.5 million jury award in response to wrongful death lawsuits, it still rakes in profits. The company faces its biggest threat next month, when California voters weigh in on a ballot initiative that could force it to leave the state.

Gavin Newsom Is Bullish On Single-Payer — Except When He’s Not

The front-runner in the California governor’s race, known for his political audacity, has officially endorsed the controversial move to create one public insurance program for all Californians. Yet he also faces formidable challenges, and liberal critics fear he’ll retreat.

Marketplace Subsidies May Be Option In 2020 For Plans That Skirt Obamacare

The new guidance allows states to ask for waivers from provisions in the Affordable Care Act governing not only subsidies, but also the benefits insurers must offer in all their plans.

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Politicians Hop Aboard 'Medicare-For-All' Train, Destination Unknown

Candidates are charging toward midterm elections on a platform of single-payer and universal coverage rhetoric. Yet “Medicare-for-all” and single-payer mean different things to different people.

Spending Against Dialysis Ballot Measure In California Nears Record

Dialysis companies have contributed more than $104 million to defeat an initiative on California’s Nov. 6 ballot that would limit their profits — and are on the cusp of breaking the $109 million record set by the pharmaceutical industry in 2016.

Facebook Live: What About Those Sky-High Air Ambulance Costs?

This Facebook Live discussion explores an aspect of the health care cost continuum that often flies below the radar.

As Billions In Tax Dollars Flow To Private Medicaid Plans, Who’s Minding The Store?

Insurance companies profit from government contracts but are subject to little oversight of how they spend the money or care for patients. The expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act has only exacerbated the problem.

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