Childbirth In The Age Of Addiction: New Mom Worries About Maintaining Sobriety

For mothers in recovery from opioid addiction, narcotic pain relief during and after delivery can put sobriety at risk.

‘Grossly Unfair’? Widower Takes Ban On Military Injury Claims To Supreme Court

When a young Navy lieutenant died following low-risk childbirth, her husband claimed military doctors botched her care. But his wrongful death claim was dismissed because of a 1950 ruling that bars active-duty service members from suing the U.S. government — for any reason.

Postcard From Sacramento

Covered California Pops And Locks Into Enrollment Season

The state health insurance exchange is hiring hip-hop dancers in communities across the state as part of its promotion of open enrollment, which ends Jan. 15.

High Stakes, Entrenched Interests And The Trump Rollback Of Environmental Regs

The administration asserts its deregulation strategy will create jobs, empower states and reduce the burden of government restrictions on the energy industry. But critics see it as a threat to public health.

Fish Oil And Vitamin D Pills No Guard Against Cancer Or Serious Heart Trouble

And new study finds no reason to get routine vitamin D tests, researchers say.

An Underused Strategy For Surge In STDs: Treat Patients’ Partners Without A Doctor Visit

For over a decade, federal health officials have recommended the practice, known as expedited partner therapy. It is allowed in most states, but many doctors don’t do it — either because of legal or ethical concerns, or because they are unaware of it.

Listen: Teen Vaping Sparks FDA Crackdown

Federal regulators want to ban the sale of most flavored e-cigarettes at retail locations like gas stations and convenience stores.

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Picture of Health

Half Of U.S. Consumers Who Leave The Federal Marketplace End Up Uninsured

Of those who left Covered California plans in 2016, 84 percent transition to another type of insurance, such as employer-based coverage or Medicare, leaving 16 percent uninsured. That’s compared with the federal exchange, where 48 percent of people who leave move on to other types of coverage and 51 percent end up uninsured. Covered California reports that 40 percent of its enrollees leave the state’s insurance marketplace each year.

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