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Oregon Senator Proposes Criminal Charges and Fines for Rogue Obamacare Agents

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden introduced legislation intended to curb a growing problem in which consumers, without their consent, are enrolled in Affordable Care Act plans or their coverage is switched.

Why Millions Are Trying FDA-Authorized Alternatives to Big Pharma’s Weight Loss Drugs

Although Novo Nordisk and Lilly lump together the pharmacies that compound semaglutide and tirzepatide with internet cowboys selling fake drugs, there is a distinction. The FDA has offered Americans little clarity about the vast gray and black markets for the drugs.

Listen to the Latest ‘KFF Health News Minute’

“Health Minute” brings original health care and health policy reporting from the KFF Health News newsroom to the airwaves each week.

California Forges Ahead With Social Media Rules Despite Legal Barriers

State lawmakers are advancing two bills aimed at protecting children from the harms of social media, part of a nationwide wave of efforts to address the issue. Yet the bills’ proponents face hurdles in finding an approach that can survive legal challenges from the tech industry.


Covid Is Still With Us, but the Guidance Has Changed. Here’s What to Know if You’re Exposed.

President Joe Biden tested positive for covid-19 last week, but his symptoms were reportedly mild. With covid still circulating and putting Americans at risk, KFF Health News reviews the latest safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Harris, Once Biden’s Voice on Abortion, Would Take an Outspoken Approach to Health

If she grabs the baton from President Joe Biden to become the new presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Kamala Harris would widely be expected to take an aggressive stance in support of abortion access — hitting former President Donald Trump on an issue that could undermine his chances of victory.

Rescue From Above: How Drones May Narrow Emergency Response Times

Public safety and health care organizations are using drones to speed up lifesaving treatment during medical emergencies in which every second counts.

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