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Newsom Pins Political Rise on Abortion, Guns, and Health Care

As California Gov. Gavin Newsom claims the role as the national Democratic Party’s political attack dog, he is trolling red-state governors over their positions on guns and abortion. He’s also making a case for himself — with health care front and center.


'American Diagnosis': Native-Led Medical Research Aims to Rebuild Trust

Exploitative practices in medical research have contributed to the underrepresentation of Native people in clinical trials. Episode 10 explores the efforts of Indigenous scientists to rebuild this broken trust through tribally controlled research.

After ‘a Lot of Doors Shut in Our Face,’ Crusading Couple Celebrate Passage of Burn Pit Bill

Le Roy and Rosie Torres founded the Burn Pits 360 group that advocated for years for Congress to help veterans suffering from injuries caused by the massive disposal sites on overseas bases. Le Roy came home from Iraq suffering from breathing problems.

Covid Sewage Surveillance Labs Join the Hunt for Monkeypox

Wastewater testing has proved a reliable early alarm bell for covid outbreaks. U.S. researchers are now adapting the approach to track the explosive spread of monkeypox.

Patients and Doctors Trapped in a Gray Zone When Abortion Laws and Emergency Care Mandate Conflict

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, ER doctors say they — and their patients — are trapped between state anti-abortion laws and the federal law requiring that care be delivered in emergency situations. Women’s lives hang in the balance.

In California, Abortion Could Become a Constitutional Right. So Could Birth Control.

Proposition 1, the constitutional amendment that would enshrine abortion in California’s constitution, would also lock in a right that has gotten less attention: the right to “choose or refuse” contraception.

Skin Cancer May Be Overlooked in People With Dark Skin

Black people and those with high levels of melanin in their skin have long been left out of efforts to combat skin cancer. Historically neglected both by sunscreen manufacturers and a medical community lagging in diversity and cultural competency, many people with dark skin tones have not been informed about sun safety or how to monitor their skin for damage or cancer.

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Asking Never Hurts

Asking Never Hurts

State and federal laws require health plans to offer accurate lists of participating doctors and facilities, but consumers still struggle to get timely appointments with providers.


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Look Up Your California Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?

KHN On Air

Can California Lower the Price of Insulin?

California Healthline senior correspondent Angela Hart appeared on KCRW’s “Press Play With Madeleine Brand” and KJZZ, a public radio station in Phoenix, this month to discuss California’s plan to reduce the cost of some prescription medications — starting with insulin — by diving into the generic drug market.

Navigating Aging

‘True Cost of Aging’ Index

The Elder Index, developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, shows that nearly 5 million older women living alone, 2 million older men living alone, and more than 2 million older couples have incomes that make them economically insecure.

Diagnosis: Debt

In America, Cancer Patients Endure Debt on Top of Disease

Medical breakthroughs mean cancer is less likely to kill, but survival can come at an extraordinary cost as patients drain savings, declare bankruptcy, or lose their homes, a KHN-NPR investigation finds.

Medi-Cal’s Reliance on Prisoners to Make Cheaper Eyeglasses Proves Shortsighted



'American Diagnosis' Season 4, Episode 9

Two indigenous students share their path to medicine.

Picture of Health

California Sees Dramatic Decline in Child Homicide Victims. What’s Changed?

Bucking the alarming spike in overall homicides in recent years, the homicide rate involving young children is down 70% in California from three decades ago. The nation has seen a parallel, albeit slower, decline.

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