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California’s Top Lawyer Cements His Role As Health Care Defender-In-Chief

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra scores a win for California and other states in his effort to block Trump administration birth control rules. It is one of many suits he has filed to defend the Affordable Care Act from efforts to erode it.

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Insured But Still In Debt: 5 Jobs Pulling In $100K A Year No Match For Medical Bills

An Arizona couple played by the rules and bought employer-provided health insurance. But after they had a baby last year, their out-of-pocket hospital costs and doctors’ bills climbed to more than $12,000 — and medical debt now threatens their new family.

Listen: Do Consumers Benefit When Hospitals Post Sticker Prices Online?

As of Jan. 1, hospitals must post price lists — known as chargemasters — online. These massive compendiums include the costs set by each hospital for every service or drug a patient might encounter.

Newsom Diverges Sharply From Washington With Health Care Budget

California Gov. Gavin Newsom made health care a priority in his proposed state budget, asking lawmakers to authorize state-funded financial aid for health insurance, impose a penalty on uninsured Californians and expand Medicaid coverage to unauthorized immigrants.

Shutdown Mostly Spares Health Coverage, But Other Issues Loom

The length of the shutdown will dictate how furloughed and unpaid workers will be affected.

Where Abortion Fights Will Play Out In 2019

Expect more aggressive regulatory action from the Trump administration while skirmishes continue in Congress and statehouses. Many of these policies will ultimately be challenged in court. In California, statutes firmly in favor of abortion rights are unlikely to disappear if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, but abortion access could still be affected by decisions from the increasingly conservative court.

Addiction Rooted In Childhood Trauma, Says Prominent Specialist

Dr. Gabor Maté of British Columbia recently visited Sacramento and laid out his theories in an interview with California Healthline.

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Breathalyzers In Cars

On Jan. 1, California will join the majority of states that have laws requiring drivers with drunken-driving convictions to install one of these devices in their vehicles.

In California, the breathalyzers will be mandatory only for repeat offenders. Five other states — Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Montana and Ohio — have similar laws. Thirty-two states and D.C. require the devices even for first-time offenders.

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