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Asking Never Hurts

Shopping Abroad For Cheaper Medication? Here’s What You Need To Know

Americans routinely skirt federal law by crossing into Canada and Mexico or tapping online pharmacies abroad to purchase prescription medications at a fraction of the price they would pay at home. Is it safe? Not necessarily. Here’s some advice.

MDMA, Or Ecstasy, Shows Promise As A PTSD Treatment

MDMA, the psychoactive ingredient in the club drug known as molly or ecstasy, is being tested in combination with therapy as a treatment for severe trauma.

The Collapse Of A Hospital Empire — And Towns Left In The Wreckage

Jorge A. Perez and his management company, EmpowerHMS, helped run an empire of rural hospitals. Now, in a staggering implosion, 12 of them have entered bankruptcy and eight have closed their doors, leaving hundreds of residents without jobs and their communities without lifesaving emergency medical care. So, what happened?

Watch: Trump-Pence Policy Shift Makes Birth Control Harder To Get

The Trump administration's policy shift on Title X family planning funds is likely to make birth control harder to get and more expensive for low-income women. It will also shift funds from organizations like Planned Parenthood to the Obria Group, which does not give women hormonal contraceptives or condoms in its clinics.

A Brush With A Notorious Cat, My Rabies Education And The Big Bill That Followed

An encounter with a cat led to rabies shots and provided yet another illustration of how confusing, contrary and expensive the American health care system is.

Joe Camel Was Forced Out Of Ads. So Why Is Juul Allowed On TV?

For nearly 50 years, cigarette advertising has been banned from TV and radio. But the marketing of electronic cigarettes isn’t constrained by that law.

No Mercy

After A Rural Hospital Closes, Delays In Emergency Care Cost Patients Dearly

The loss of the longtime hospital in Fort Scott, Kan., forces trauma patients to deal with changing services and expectations.

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Picture of Health

Charity Care Spending By Hospitals Plunges

The proportion of money that California hospitals spent on free and discounted care for low-income people dropped by more than half from 2013 to 2017 — even for nonprofit hospitals. Hospitals say there’s less demand for charity care because more people now have health insurance, but consumer advocates counter that people still need help.

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