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For ‘Dreamers,’ The Dream To Become A Doctor Now ‘At The Mercy’ Of Courts

In September, the Trump administration announced its plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, setting off an ongoing political and legal battle that could doom the dreams of immigrant doctors in training.

Medicaid Nation

States Extend Medicaid For Birth Control, Cutting Costs — And Future Enrollment

Medicaid family planning programs reduce unplanned births, but some are caught in disputes over federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

Graphic: Opioid Painkiller Is Top Prescription In 11 States

Though opioid prescriptions appear to be on the decline, Vicodin and Norco remain popular, especially in the South. In more than half of states, Synthroid — a drug to treat hypothyroidism — came in at No. 1.

Docs Worry There's 'Nowhere To Send' New And Expectant Moms With Depression

California's legislature will soon take up a bill that would require doctors to screen pregnant women and new mothers for mental health problems. Many doctors oppose the idea, and laws elsewhere haven't increased the number of moms treated.

Women In Medicine Shout #MeToo About Sexual Harassment At Work

Lawsuits and complaints about sexual harassment are piling up in the health care industry as women take on doctors, peers and co-workers.

Reporter’s Notebook: The Tale Of Theranos And The Mysterious Fire Alarm

Health care tech startup Theranos was riding high back in 2014. But when a reporter raised questions, its media reps circled the wagons.

Clash Over Abortion Hobbles A Health Bill. Again. Here’s How.

As Congress considers a bipartisan bill to help hold down premium prices on the health law’s marketplaces, a long-standing fight over abortion reappears.

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