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The Other Opioid Crisis: Hospital Shortages Lead To Patient Pain, Medical Errors

A nationwide shortage of injectable opioid painkillers has left hospitals scrambling to find alternatives — in some cases leading to dosage mistakes that may harm patients.

Bill Of The Month

Bill Of The Month: For Toenail Fungus, A $1,500 Prescription

How a prescription wiped out one woman’s health reimbursement account, raising questions about prescription drug price tags and about how health care professionals deal (or don’t) with medical costs.

Navigating Aging

Everything You Need To Know About The New Medicare Cards (But Beware Of Scams)

Starting in April, new Medicare cards will be issued to the program’s 59 million enrollees. The new cards address serious security concerns, yet there are growing “scams” linked to the rollout.

With Some Republican Support, Virginia Edges Closer To Medicaid Expansion

More than a dozen Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates voted to expand Medicaid, and at least one state senator may be leaning in favor of expansion. It will be the hot topic as legislators are called back to Richmond to hash out a budget in the special session starting April 11.

Lifting Therapy Caps Is A Load Off Medicare Patients’ Shoulders

Last month’s budget deal means Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for physical and occupational therapy indefinitely. Plus, prescription drug costs will fall for more seniors.

FDA Moves To Cut Nicotine In Cigarettes, Helping Smokers Kick Habit

In a historic move, the Food and Drug Administration stated its intent Thursday to require tobacco companies to cut nicotine levels in their products to make them less addictive. Stripping cigarettes of addictive power could lead an estimated 5 million adults to quit smoking within a year of the plan.

Opioid Maker Funds Efforts To Fight Addiction: Is It ‘Blood Money’ Or Charity?

Purdue Pharma, whose signature product helped fuel the opioid epidemic, now wants to help treat it — or at least salvage its own reputation.

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