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‘Please Tell Me My Life Is Worth A LITTLE Of Your Discomfort,’ Nurse Pleads

Health care workers on the front lines of the COVID crisis have spent exhausting months working and self-quarantining off-duty to keep from infecting others, including their families. Encountering people who indignantly refuse face coverings can feel like a slap in the face.


What Seniors Should Know Before Going Ahead With Elective Procedures

People who put off care as COVID-19 surged are easing back into the medical system. Here’s how to know if it’s safe.

2021 Health Plans Granted Leeway To Limit Consumers’ Benefit From Drug Coupons

A rule finalized this spring by the Trump administration permits employers and insurers not to apply drug company copayment assistance toward enrollees’ deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums for any drug.

Coronavirus Crisis Disrupts Treatment For Another Epidemic: Addiction

The coronavirus has forced drug rehabilitation centers to scale back operations or temporarily close, leaving people who have another potentially deadly disease — addiction — with fewer opportunities for help.

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Social Media Image About Mask Efficacy Right In Sentiment, But Percentages Are ‘Bonkers’

Skip the numbers. Focus on the mask.


As Cases Spike, California Pauses Multimillion-Dollar Testing Expansion

California is cutting off funding for COVID-19 testing just when counties say they need more resources in rural and disadvantaged areas.

‘I Couldn’t Let Her Be Alone’: A Peaceful Death Amid the COVID Scourge

For three years, staffers at UCLA Health have been quietly fulfilling final wishes for dying patients in the intensive care unit. Amid the isolating forces of the pandemic, their work has become all the more meaningful.

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Children’s Hospitals Were Healthy Heading Into COVID Pandemic

Children’s hospitals have suffered financially during the Covid-19 crisis, but they were generally in a stronger financial position than adult facilities before the pandemic.

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