Couple Makes Millions Off Medicaid Managed Care As Oversight Lags

How a California health plan’s CEO and her husband, an executive consultant, got rich off the taxpayer-funded program for the poor. Critics see a conflict of interest, the plan doesn’t, and the state has no rules either way.

Postcard From Irvine

New UC-Irvine Center To Study The Highs And Lows of Pot

The center, driven by California’s legalization of marijuana, will study the medical, social and economic impacts of making pot widely accessible. Two top concerns: investigating marijuana as a potential substitute for opioids and providing the nascent cannabis industry with signposts for responsible behavior.

California Judge Postpones Aetna Trial Amid Media Firestorm

Orange County Superior Court judge says “media blitzkrieg” jeopardized chances that the nation’s third-largest health insurer could get a fair jury trial if the trial started this week, as planned. The company is being sued by a man who claims it improperly denied him care for a rare immune system disorder.

Hospitals Want To Cut Back On Free Care. Critics Say No Way.

Four California hospitals have asked the state attorney general to reduce the amount of free and discounted care they’re required to provide, arguing there’s less need for it under the Affordable Care Act. Critics say millions of people still can’t afford their hospital bills.

'Bill Of The Month': A College Student's $17,850 Drug Test

Kaiser Health News, in collaboration with NPR, kicks off a series that will examine and decode your perplexing medical bills.

Bill Of The Month

Pain Hits After Surgery When A Doctor's Daughter Is Stunned By $17,850 Urine Test

Elizabeth Moreno got hit with a $17,850 bill from a Texas lab after leaving a urine sample at her doctor’s office.

Forecast Shows Deepening Shortage Of Mental Health Professionals In California

A report released this week finds that licensed providers do not reflect the state’s ethnic diversity and are distributed unevenly around the state — and the picture could become much worse in 10 years.

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