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Dodging the Medicare Enrollment Deadline Can Be Costly

As open enrollment ends, many people are tuning out. They could wind up with a surprise next year: higher costs and less access to health care providers.

Being Black and Pregnant in the Deep South Can Be a Dangerous Combination

Being Black has always been dangerous for pregnant women and infants in the South. And researchers say things are continuing to move in the wrong direction.


KFF Health News' 'What the Health?': Democrats See Opportunity in GOP Threats to Repeal Health Law 

Sensing that Republicans are walking into a political minefield by threatening once again to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Biden administration is looking to capitalize by rolling out a series of initiatives aimed at high drug prices and other consequences of “corporate greed in health care.” Meanwhile, the Supreme Court hears a case that could determine when and how much victims of the opioid crisis can collect from Purdue Pharma, the drug company that lied about how addictive its drug, OxyContin, really was. Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, Anna Edney of Bloomberg News, and Rachana Pradhan of KFF Health News join KFF Health News chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more. Also this week, Rovner interviews Dan Weissmann of KFF Health News’ sister podcast, “An Arm and a Leg,” about his investigation into hospitals suing their patients over unpaid bills.

Food Sovereignty Movement Sprouts as Bison Return to Indigenous Communities

Native American leaders see bison herds and ancestral gardens as ways to bring healthy eating to their people.

Candidates Clashed But Avoided Talk of Abortion at 4th GOP Primary Debate

Obamacare had its moment, but not until the faceoff’s final minutes. Front-runner Donald Trump again was not on the debate stage, leaving the other Republican presidential hopefuls to slug it out to break through and gain voters’ attention.

Colorado Blames Biden Team and Drugmakers for Delaying Canadian Imports

Colorado officials say they haven’t been able to stand up a program to import drugs from Canada because of drugmaker opposition — and the Biden administration’s inaction.

KFF Health News-CMG TV Stations Investigation

Social Security Clawbacks Hit a Million More People Than Agency Chief Told Congress

More than 2 million people a year have been sent notices that Social Security overpaid them and demanding they repay the money. That’s twice as many as the head of Social Security disclosed at a congressional hearing in October.

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