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California Lawmakers Preserve Aid to Older, Disabled Immigrants

Lawmakers passed a budget that rejected Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposal to save nearly $95 million by eliminating in-home support services for qualifying older, blind, and disabled immigrants lacking legal residency. Advocates say Newsom’s plan would have cost more in the long run. Newsom has not indicated whether he’ll veto.

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Biden’s on Target About What Repealing ACA Would Mean for Preexisting Condition Protections

A Biden campaign ad highlighting how an Obamacare repeal would affect people with preexisting conditions is mostly true.


KFF Health News' 'What the Health?': SCOTUS Rejects Abortion Pill Challenge — For Now 

The Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge to the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone, ruling unanimously that the anti-abortion doctor group that filed the suit lacked standing. But abortion opponents are expected to pursue other strategies to ban or restrict the medication. Meanwhile, the Biden administration moves to stop the inclusion of medical debt on individual credit reports, and former President Donald Trump tries to claim credit for $35 insulin. Anna Edney of Bloomberg News, Rachana Pradhan of KFF Health News, and Emmarie Huetteman of KFF Health News join KFF Health News chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner to discuss these stories and more. Also this week, Rovner interviews KFF president and CEO Drew Altman about KFF’s new “Health Policy 101” primer.

Funding Instability Plagues Program That Brings Docs to Underserved Areas

A medical residency program designed to train future primary care physicians in outpatient rather than hospital settings has proved an effective means to bring doctors to rural and underserved areas. But it hinges on unpredictable congressional funding.

Watch: California Pays Drug Users To Stay Clean

KFF Health News senior correspondent Angela Hart discusses a state Medicaid experiment for people addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine, and other stimulants. For every clean urine test, they can earn money — up to $599 a year.

Many Young Adults Who Began Vaping as Teens Can’t Shake the Habit

New data on substance use among young adults suggests that many former teen e-cigarette users are continuing the habit.

Diagnosis: Debt

Biden Administration Advances Plan To Remove Medical Debt From Credit Scores

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed federal regulations that would prevent unpaid medical bills from being counted on consumers’ credit reports.

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A Record Number of Californians Are Visiting Emergency Rooms for Dog Bites

There were nearly 50,000 emergency room visits for dog bites in California in 2022. The rate of such visits per capita is up about 70% since 2005.

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