Judge Orders New Olympus Trial Over Superbug Death

The Seattle jurist finds that Olympus Corp. failed to properly disclose evidence that it knew of concerns about cleaning problems with the redesigned scopes years before they hit the market and were linked to dozens of deaths. The company maintains the devices were not defective and intends to appeal.

Home Care Agencies Often Wrongly Deny Medicare Help To The Chronically Ill

Agencies sometimes turn away Medicare beneficiaries with chronic health problems by incorrectly claiming Medicare won't pay their services, say patient advocates.

Postcard From Sacramento

Gloves Off, Fists Up: Nurses Storm Capitol To Renew Single-Payer Fight

The state nurses union struck a defiant tone at a Capitol rally and hearing, promising to continue their in-your-face tactics until the legislature passes a bill to create universal health coverage in California.

Podcast: What The Health? Our First Live Show: What The Health Will Happen In 2018?

In this episode of “What The Health?” — taped before a live audience — panelists discuss the potential federal government shutdown and what may be in store for health in 2018. They are joined by former Medicare and Medicaid head Tom Scully.

When Food Stamps Pass As Tickets To Better Health

A federally funded program is partnering with a Latino grocery chain to reward people who use their food stamps to put more fresh produce on their tables.

Trump's Work-For-Medicaid Rule Puts Work On States’ Shoulders

States that opt to change their Medicaid program must figure out how to delineate who is covered by the new mandate, how to enforce the rules and how to handle the people seeking exemptions. In California, leaders say, it's a non-starter.

Inside The Global Race To Deliver A Vital Radioactive Isotope Used To Detect Cancer

Moly-99, as it’s called, is created in just six government-owned nuclear research reactors — none in North America — raising concerns about the reliability of the supply.

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Picture of Health

California Counties Experience Elevated Flu Activity

In California, flu struck surprisingly early and hard this season. As of December 30, the California Department of Public Health reported elevated flu activity in all of the state’s 58 county. The state’s warmer temperatures typically mean people are less confined indoors and result in a later flu season compared with other regions. Health experts aren’t sure why this season is different.

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