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Family Doctors ‘Not Doing Enough’ To Curb STDs

As rates of sexually transmitted diseases surge, public health officials want primary care doctors to step up screening and treatment of patients.

Pharma Cash To Congress

Drugmakers Funnel Millions To Lawmakers; Some Get $100,000-Plus

Drugmakers' contributions to lawmakers have peaked as surging drug prices emerge as a hot-button political issue. In the past decade, members of Congress have received nearly $79 million from 68 pharma PACs. And the giving crosses the aisle: In California, seven of the top 10 beneficiaries are Democrats — though Kevin McCarthy, the Republican House majority leader, tops other Golden State lawmakers in Congress by a wide margin.

Medicare For All? CMS Chief Warns Program Has Enough Problems Already

Seema Verma, who heads the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, tells private insurance officials that a push by some Democrats to expand Medicare would only increase troubles the program already faces.


Influential Leapfrog Group Jumps In To Rate 5,600 Surgery Centers

In the wake of a KHN/USA Today Network investigation, Leapfrog will check the safety and quality of outpatient centers.

FDA Allows Food Makers To Fortify Corn Masa To Halt Birth Defects, But Few Do

The decision aimed at adding folic acid — a vitamin that can prevent devastating neural tube defects — to flours, chips and tortillas hasn’t caught on with many makers of widely used corn products.

Hidden Drugs And Danger Lurk In Over-The-Counter Supplements, Study Finds

Dieters and gym rats, beware. Some dietary supplements promising weight loss or more muscle may contain active ingredients not listed on the label that fly under the radar of the Food and Drug Administration. The California Department of Public Health analyzed public data maintained by the FDA to suss out trends among tainted products, raising red flags.

TV Ads Must Trumpet Drug Prices, Trump Administration Says. Pharma Tries A Plan B.

Drug pricing is a top issue in the run-up to the midterm elections.

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Picture of Health

California Cancer Patients Living Longer, But Racial And Ethnic Disparities Persist

Californians are living longer with most types of cancer, due to earlier detection and more effective treatments, according to research from the University of California-Davis. But not everyone is benefiting, the report found.

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