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Facebook Live: Confronting Opioid Addiction

About 2,000 Californians died of opioid overdoses in 2016, but access to medications that treat addiction is limited in some parts of the state.

Charlottesville’s High Health Plan Premiums Give Rise To Activism — And Unconventional Solutions

For people who buy their health coverage rather than get it from the government or through work, this Virginia city has claimed the title of having the country’s highest health insurance costs, and its residents are fighting back.

4 New Ways You Can Avoid Fines For Not Having Health Insurance

Among changes by the Trump administration, new rules protect consumers living in areas with only one marketplace plan as well as those who oppose abortion and can’t find a plan that doesn’t cover the procedure. These rules will resonate in California, where most health plans are required to cover abortion and six counties have only one insurer selling through the ACA exchange.

Study: Nearly Three-Quarters Of Commonly Used Medical Scopes Tainted By Bacteria

The ‘scary’ findings show a discouraging lack of progress in cleaning the devices, despite more vigorous efforts in the wake of deadly superbug outbreaks, experts say.

Texas Disability Groups Want A Voice At The Table In Gun Debate

A disability rights groups in Texas wants to make sure people who've been disabled by gun violence in Texas get a chance to talk to lawmakers.

Choice Of Bay Area For AIDS Conference Exposes Tension Among Activists

Numerous advocacy groups oppose the recent decision to hold the 2020 International AIDS conference in San Francisco and Oakland, and some argue it shouldn’t be in the U.S. at all. Those who support the decision say the predominantly liberal politics of the region make it an ideal venue for sending a message about the Trump administration’s perceived retreat from leadership on AIDS.

Calif. Leads Nation In Pushing Back Against Trump Administration Health Policies

In the face of federal efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, policymakers in the largest state are proposing laws and other changes to counter them. Beyond that, they’re aggressively pushing measures to expand health coverage beyond what the ACA envisioned.

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