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Daily Edition for Friday, July 21, 2023

225,000 Medi-Cal Enrollees Lost Coverage In June: About 225,0000 Californians lost their free or low-cost health coverage as of July 1, in the first round a Medi-Cal renewal process that had been suspended since early in the covid pandemic. That’s approximately 21% of the over 1 million people who were due to reapply for coverage in June, according to preliminary numbers released by state health officials on Thursday. Read more from CalMatters, Los Angeles Times, and the Sacramento Bee.

Daily Edition for Thursday, July 20, 2023

One Year In, 988 Mental Health Crisis Line Proves It’s Worth: California made it easier to call for help a year ago when it launched a simplified mental health crisis hotline: Dial three digits — 988 — and you can get in touch with a counselor immediately. Since then, crisis centers have received more than 280,000 calls. That’s twice as many as any other state, signaling to mental health advocates that the service was badly needed. Read more from the CalMatters.